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Since our software was designed from the beginning to be flexible with complete macro and OLE plug-in capabilities, it can handle any number of applications. Also, since there is no programming required, many custom applications can and have been created on-site! (See our online Help)

The following is a list of some of the ways we have helped our customers meet their imaging requirements, either directly, using macros or by way of OLE applications!

  • DNA calibrated ploidy analysis
  • Intrinsic optical studies application
  • Elispot application
  • Neuro Tracking application
  • Vessel application
  • Bubbles application
  • Digital De-convolution
  • Fret
  • Time-lapse and cell tracking
  • Ca++ dual wave ratioing and Ion ratioing
  • pH dual wave ratioing
  • Ion ratioing of up to 5 wavelengths
  • plastic particle analysis
  • comet assay application
  • paint analysis
  • tissue densitometry
  • color analysis
  • FISH
  • CoLocal Fluorescent Application
  • Patient Burn Studies Application
  • Bone Histomorphometry Application
  • high magnification DIC
  • gene expression
  • GFP fluorescent automation
  • Autoradiography
  • low light level fluorescence imaging
  • GEL analysis
  • pathological studies
  • auto fluorescence
  • image archiving
  • andrology analysis
  • floc (water) analysis
  • Z-axis image acquisition
  • 3D reconstruction
  • 4D microscopy
  • 5D microscopy
  • neuron tracing
  • color densitometry
  • failure analysis (structure analysis)
  • general morphometry
  • cell tracking
  • motion analysis
  • bacteria counting
  • tracer analysis
  • pesticide quantification
  • food quality analysis
  • live carcass analysis using ultra sound
  • leed analysis
  • image montage (large image construction and stitching)
  • BetaCell Analysis
  • in situ hybridization
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Calibrated Densitometry
  • Zeiss, Nikon, Olympus and Leica microscope control
  • Digital Camera applications
  • XYZ scanning stage control
  • Graphing Brightness v.s. Time application - up to 99 measurements per second
  • Counting Applications
  • Image Merging Applications
  • Real time digital camera saving application (up to 47 images per second to the hard drive)
  • Object separation applications
  • Fast 96 well XY scanning and measuring application

Everyday many new applications are being created with our software.

Partial List of Northern Eclipse Specifications: (see Tool Window and Tool Bar)

Automatically generate VB or C++ code from Macro Editor. True 32 bit software with no embedded 16 bit code and no16 bit DLL thunking. True 24 or 48 Bit RGB color acquisition (also NTSC, Monochrome, CCIR, and Y/C). 24 or 48 Bit color image analysis (processing and threshold in RGB or HSV) Morphometric and Densitometric analysis. Image processing including background subtraction and contrast enhancement of color or monochrome images. Camera control (Integration) for low light level image acquisition. Digital CCD fast frame rate focus routine.Digital CCD camera support including skipping and binning, region selection, temperature and exposure control.Twain support for scanners and digital cameras including blind twain. Real time processing of live images (averaging, subtraction, and enhancement). Logic and Arithmetic image functions (Boolean Math, ADD,AND,OR, XOR,DIFF,MIN,MAX, +, -, /, *, and Simple). Binary Operations (including Open, Close, Dilate, Erode, Prune, Skeletonize, Break Nodes, Fill Holes, amd Rank Filtering Minimum, Median, and Maximum). FFT's (forward, reverse and edit). Chroma Key for seamless image merging. Mesh Warp.Morphing.Image Rotation.Horizontal and Vertical image flipping. Image Resample to enlarge images. Montage feature to merge stored or live image together.Gray Wedge stamp. Configurable tool, script, macro and application bars and boxes. Radial, line, box and curved grid creation.Plugin feature to seamlessly add Third party dll’s.Digital de-convolution plugin (full iterative image stack de-convolution) Drawing tools, curve, line, polygon and circle with node control.Count (manual or auto).Image kernel (filter) editing or defining. 3D reconstruction, image animation and layered tiff format. Multi layer (through stack) image processing including crop and threshold Device control ( i.e. XYZ-Axis, Filter Wheels, Shutters & Microscope Light, VCR’s and Zeiss Axioplan.). Windows on-line help.TIFF, BMP, TGA, & SPE image support (8, 16, 24, & 48 bit images support and floating point) and JPEG or AVI through a plugin. Load IMG, Jpeg, Pic, Biorad Pic, and user defined formats. 3D imaging viewing in RED and GREEN and 3D Profiles Compose fluorescent overlaid images. Shift image planes to correct fluorescent image alignment. Build a 24 or 48 bit RGB image with a Black and White Camera and 3 Filters RGB or Monochrome image histogram in 8, 16, 24 and 48 bits. DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) to import data to Excel or Quatro Pro. Equalization to optimize image pixel values based on image histogram values. Write text, arrows, circles, lines, scales, distances, and time data in any color on images . Definable LUTs (look up tables), or artificial color. Object definition, measuring, counting, etc. (Area, Perimeter, Shape Factor, Centroid X, Centroid Y, Hole Count, Max. Diameter, Orientation, Bounding Box, Min. Gray, Max. Gray, Total Gray, Average Gray, Bin Class, Object Count, Selected Area, Total Object Area, Percent Area, Summary Average Gray, Summary Total Gray, Summary Min Gray, Summary Max Gray, Traced Length or Curve Measurement. Through OLE: Standard Area Count, Calibrated Total Gray, Calibrated Average Gray, Calibrated Standards, User defined equations and more (see Morphometric Parameter). Calibration in any unit (microns, millimeters, centimeters, meters, miles or pixels). Automatic memorization of all the last operator settings used. Text may be written about images (Annotation) and the images may be retrieved from any word in the file. Live or frozen image viewing within a Window or Full screen. Movie animation for time-lapse, 3D(Z-series), 4D(Z-series time-lapse), 5D(XYZ multiple location time-lapse) or 6D(XYZ multiple location and wavelength time-lapse) Image Zooming for static or live looped images.Create hundreds of image buffers. Color Correction to boost or suppress colors in an image. Line drawing or curve drawing for distance or length measurements. Rectangular, Elliptical or Traced object selection. Color or Monochrome image thresholding in 8, 16, 24, or 48 bits. Auto threshold bright or dark objects. Adaptive Thresholding Color or monochrome pixel value readings. Manual or automatic object count and manual or automatic segmentation Data filtering, binning categorization and click to reject feature.Custom OLE applications on request.

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