Empix Imaging, Inc. was incorporated in 1989 to provide innovative scientific and industrial image analysis applications for a wide variety of leading corporate and research institutions. Currently Empix is a leader in the development of image analysis software, providing superior cost-effective imaging workstations for research and development.

In conjunction with software development, Empix modifies and develops hardware specifically for image analysis that may not otherwise exist. For example: computer controllable excitation filter wheels for fluorescent microscopy, a digital light box for densitometry, a modified CCD camera for low light level imaging, solid state relay controllers for time-lapse microscopy, quartz accessories for UV microscopic imaging, and video adapters are just some of the products we have developed to enhance our software and satisfy client requirements.

We provide turn key image analysis solutions including: software, computer, microscope, CCD camera, digital printer, motorized Z-axis, motorized excitation filter wheel and scanning stage. By use of computer automation, we fully support modern motorized microscopes. In conjunction with our image analysis software, a digital camera and the motorized features today's modern microscopes we are pushing the envelope for high resolution and automated image capture in microscopy. To be specific, the combination of Northern Eclipse, and automated microscope and a Digital CCD camera collectively allows for the capture of 65,536,000 gray values per pixel in three 1280x1024 color planes, and a fourth fluorescence image may then be overlaid.

To the best of our knowledge Empix Imaging Inc., was the first company in the world to offer a 32 bit image analysis program supporting 12 or 16 bit digital cameras using a PCI communications card. Currently IEEE 1394 cameras allow us to measure and archive data on multiple regions at a rate of 102 images per second online.
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