Do I need a frame-grabber?
No, Northern Eclipse will run in SVGA mode for full analysis and with twain support. All of the digital cameras that we currently support do not require frame grabbers because they are shipped with their own I/O cards, or use USB or Firewire.

Do you do 3D reconstruction?
Yes, Northern Eclipse does perspective 3D reconstruction. We have an alignment application that captures microscopic serial sections, and then 3 dimensionally reconstructs all of the sections. We also control microscope Z-motors for capture and reconstruction.

Will my copy of Northern Eclipse run on Window 7 ?
Any version of Northern Eclipse after Nov. 2006 will run on Windows 7, but the type of camera and driver need to be addressed with Empix Imaging Inc. or your camera manufacturer. Contact us directly and we will be able to advise you on how compatible your camera is with Window 7.

We just got our network up and running, why can’t we get a live image anymore?
Chances are the network card has created a conflict, either IRQ, DMA, memory or I/O. As a first step try removing the network card and see if the frame grabber now works. If this does not help, remove the frame grabber driver and re-install this driver as outline on page 4 of the manual. The conflict should now be fixed. Verify system settings and install the network card accordingly or consult with the computer manufacturer.

When I Integrate or expose with my color video camera and Northern Eclipse a white screen appears?
Drop the exposure time and the image should look great.

Which operating system should I use with Northern Eclipse?
As of Nov.1, 2001 Northern Eclipse and Northern Elite run on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP and Windows 7. Most new frame-grabbers and digital cameras work best on later operating systems. Older frame-grabbers and digital cameras may require older operation systems. (Windows 98 second edition). Check our camera support page for specific camera details.

Will the de-convolution PlugIn for Northern Eclipse and Northern Elite work on color images?
Yes, but we recommend high bit depth color images (36 or 48 bit).

Iíve just installed a new application, but it does not run?
Northern Eclipse has new features and functions added on a regular basis. Be sure to upgrade to the latest version when installing a new OLE application. Registered users may have the option to download the latest version from our ftp site if their current version is operational, and hardware changes are not required. Contact us for details.

Can applications be purchased and then run stand alone without Northern Eclipse?
Not as of the Sept 4, 2013 version.

What are the minimum computer specifications required for Northern Eclipse?
Northern Eclipse 8.0 works best on a Intel Core 2 Quad or better, 4 GIG of RAM and a 500 Gig hard drive. If you are planning to upgrade from Northern Eclipse 5.0, 6.0 or 7.0 to 8.0, consider a fast computer for maximum performance.

Does your software run on a Mac?
It is not recommended to run Northern Eclipse 8.0 on a Mac . We currently have a new imaging product EyeImage Version 3.2 for the Mac.

Does your new Mac software support shutters, microscopes and digital cameras?
Yes, EyeImage 3.2 currently controls Zeiss microscopes, Uniblitz shutters, the Sutter DG4 fast wavelength changer and all current models of Qimaging digital CCD cameras.

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